NovaCrown molding

The best crown molding in the world.

Going where crown moulding has never gone before

Cost Saving Innovation


Achieve a traditional finish indistinguishable from  MDF /fibre crown moldings but at a much lower installation cost and without the hassles and deficiencies of these materials.

Constructed from a cellular styrene core permanently bonded to a smooth paper wrap, NovaCrown Moldings are crisply detailed, consistently profiled, lightweight and easy to install. 

At 12 & 14 feet, NovaCrown™ is the longest non-MDF/fibre crown moulding in the world. This minimizes the number of joints needed and in turn speeds up installations.

 NovaCrown's EPS core is made up of 98% air, making it a very lightweight material. This in turn improves fuel consumption during transport and fuel emissions are lower than with heavier materials. 




Simply glue to any surface, without any nailing, any time, any where, in any climate, in any temperature. 

NovaCrown mouldings will never twist, warp, crack, expand, contract or rot.

 Compresses slightly for a tight neat fit every time.  

Contact shoulders are always a true 45 degrees.

Unlike MDF, NovaCrown is non-toxic.

 Flame Spread Classification: 35. Smoke Developed Classification: 20



Costly delays, call-backs and trade scheduling conflicts are avoided. 

Can be installed by a Taper in conjunction with corner beading and taping.

Leave your saw blade at a 45 degree angle for all corner cuts.

No nailing and no filling & sanding nail holes.

No need to finish drywall ceiling angle - just fill the gaps.

Run wires and pipes behind NovaCrown mouldings.

New Construction


Forget about locating studs, installing backing strips and nailing. Simply glue with drywall compound at drywall stage.

Crown molding installation challenges created by concrete & steel stud construction or poor framework are now a thing of the past. Install NovaCrown mouldings anywhere, on any surface, even directly to concrete walls.

DIY & Renovation


Give any home a finishing touch simply and easily with NovaCrown moldings. Just attach using 'Alex Plus latex caulking plus silicone'.

Perfect Do It Yourself product. Lightweight yet strong for easy handling. It cuts cleanly with simple hand tools and attaches nail-free.


An Introduction To NovaCrown Moldings


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Add NovaCrown To Your Product Line

No matter where you are in the world NovaCrown will give your customers an unparalleled advantage over MDF and other types of crown moldings. When we talk to professionals and home owners they tell us the same thing: crown moulding is a job they didn't want to do until they discovered NovaCrown. So what are you waiting for? Give your customers the advantage!

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Did you know?

NovaCrown in Manufactured Homes

NovaCrown moldings are so durable they withstand the transportation process of factory built homes from factory to site thus eliminating the need for touch-ups and repairs. Unlike MDF crown moldings, NovaCrown isn't affixed to the underlying framework of the structure so it isn't pulled and pushed as the structure is subjected to these various forms of movement. 

Moreover, NovaCrown moldings are unaffected by changing temperatures and different climates so they never twist, warp, crack, expand, contract or rot even when installed in stable factory environments then transported into extreme climates. 

When considering these benefits as well as its simplicity of installation and ability to streamline production lines, NovaCrown moldings represent extraordinary cost savings that no other crown molding can offer. 


Installation tips

Measure & Plan the Room

Measure each wall span and mark the required length on the piece of NovaCrown. Take care to measure and cut accurately as NovaCrown has a degree of resilience which allows adjoining pieces to compress slightly so each joint fits tight and neat every time. 

Nova Crown moldings are available in 12' and 14' lengths. If walls are over 14' long and will have a mid wall joint, it's important to plan the position of the joints. Always position any such joints keeping in mind the sight-line of the primary traffic flow along each such wall. Butt-joints are recommended. 


A compound mitre saw is recommended for cutting.  A fine-tooth handsaw or a long-bladed utility knife can be used if a compound mitre saw is not available. If cutting with a handsaw always use a mitre box that fits the mouldings. When the lengths are cut so adjoining pieces fit snuggly against each other, but not so tight that they push away from the wall, a crack-free joint filled with a narrow bead of paintable siliconized latex caulk is achieved. Ensure the cutting tool is always sharp and clean. 

Use a sharp knife to remove the fuzziness and a sliver of the NovaCrown moldings on the back side of each cut. This will ensure there is not an excess buildup of paper on the back edge of a joint. A paper buildup could wick up extra moisture from the joint compound and cause the joint to protrude from a true line when dry. This same result can be created with corner joints by cutting them at 46 degrees instead of 45 degrees, if using a compound mitre saw.

Take Advantage of the Flexibility

MDF can't compete with the flexibility of NovaCrown. 

Unlike MDF, NovaCrown isn't affixed to the underlying framework of the structure so it isn't pulled and pushed as the structure is subjected to these various forms of movement. 

In addition, NovaCrown will follow bendy walls so only in extreme cases will you need to cut out portions of the backside of the mouldings. But if necessary, NovaCrown makes it simple: Before applying adhesive, test each wall and ceiling section for level with its piece of NovaCrown molding. If the ceiling has a large downward bulge, put the piece of NovaCrown™ in its place on the ceiling and mark where the bulge occurs. Then, with a utility knife, cut out just enough of the top/back ceiling contact surface of the NovaCrown™ until it will lay flat, taking care not to cut away any of the ceiling reveal edge.

If the wall bulges inward, do the same to the bottom/back of the wall contact surface. 


Apply a bead of drywall taping compound or paintable siliconized latex caulk to the inner side of the two backside edges of the NovaCrown moldings to help avoid squeeze-out. For crack-free results, use paintable siliconized latex caulk for all corner and mid-wall joints. The caulk must be paintable so the joint won't flash through after priming and painting. The caulk must be latex or water-based so it will not cause degradation of the polystyrene core.

Final Placement

Place the first piece on the wall, gently rocking it in place in the ceiling angle until it feels right. The rest of the pieces in the room should be positioned to follow the alignment of this piece.


Remove any taping compound or latex caulk squeeze-out along the wall and ceiling edge with a damp cloth, filling the gaps in the process. Apply a small bead of latex caulk to fill remaining gaps and smooth again.

The NovaCrown molding is now ready to be primed at the same time as the ceiling and wall. No holes or edge gaps need to be filled by the painter. Avoid buildup of paint along pieces of cornice and in joints. If the ceiling is to be textured, the NovaCrown™ and wall must be masked.

We Install

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