Cost Saving Innovation

Crown moulding ideas with polystyrene crown moulding

  • Achieve a superior finish without the aggravation and deficiencies that result from using MDF, wood or plaster mouldings.

  • Lightweight expanded polystyrene core combined with a proprietary flexible coating that virtually eliminates the risk of cracking joints and breakage during installation.   

  • NovaCrown’s EPS core is made up of 98% air, making it a lightweight material. This improves fuel consumption and lowers fuel emissions during transport compared to heavier materials. 


how to install crown moulding

  • Lifetime Guarantee.

  • Wide selection of profiles and sizes.

  • Custom profiles and sizes available to suit any project.

  • No nailing. Just glue to any surface.

  • NovaCrown mouldings will never twist, warp, crack or rot.

  • Withstands the normal settling process of new construction.

  • Non-toxic.


foam crown molding

  • Far less labour intensive than MDF/fibre and plaster crown moulding installations.

  • Costly delays, call-backs and trade scheduling conflicts are avoided. 

  • Can be installed at drywall stage by a Taper in conjunction with corner beading and taping.

  • No nailing, filling and sanding nail holes and no need to finish drywall ceiling angle - just fill the gaps.


  • Run wires and pipes behind NovaCrown mouldings.

New Construction

crown moulding in new construction

  • Forget about trade scheduling conflicts, locating studs, installing backing strips and nailing. Simply install at drywall stage in conjunction with drywall taping for maximum efficiency.

  • Crown molding installation challenges created by concrete & steel stud construction or poor framework are now a thing of the past. Install NovaCrown mouldings anywhere, on any surface, even directly to concrete walls.

  • NovaCrown will simplify your building project. 

DIY And Renovation

Do it yourself crown moulding

  • Give any home a finishing touch simply and easily with NovaCrown mouldings. 

  • Attach using 'Alex Plus latex caulking plus silicone', or other adhesives  like drywall compound, PL premium, or a low expandable foam spray.

  • Lightweight yet strong for easy handling.

  • Paint before or after installation.

did you know?

crown moulding wholesale supplier

Proudly Developed and Manufactured in Canada.

NovaCrown mouldings are so durable that when installed they will withstand the normal settling process as well as the transportation process of factory built homes from factory to site. This eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming touch-ups and repairs. Unlike MDF crown moludings, NovaCrown isn't affixed to the underlying framework of the structure so it isn't pulled and pushed as the structure is subjected to these various forms of movement. 

Moreover, NovaCrown mouldings are unaffected by changing temperatures and different climates so they never twist, warp, crack or rot even when installed in stable, factory environments then transported into extreme climates. 

When considering these benefits as well as its simplicity of installation and ability to streamline production lines, NovaCrown mouldings represent extraordinary cost savings that no other crown moulding can offer. 

If you are a home builder contact NovaCrown today to add incomparable efficiency to your business.