NovaCrown™ Ceilings

Now you can add visual appeal

to any dropped ceiling by replacing your ordinary, everyday flat ceiling tiles with NovaCrown tiles. Easily highlight an area such as in your office space, restaurant, lobby or lounge with a ceiling that will set you apart and amaze.

NovaCrown Ceilings NovaCrown Ceilings
Ceilings (Construction) NovaCrown Ceilings

Featuring all the great properties of NovaCrown Mouldings,

our coffered ceiling tiles are a simple way to transform any dropped ceiling or flat ceiling into a beautiful and elegant focal point. They are made to fit any standard ceiling grid yet create the look of a custom coffered ceiling.


NovaCrown ceilings will transform standard construction

into something special. There simply isn't an easier or more economical way to add value and appeal to any space, including your office, lobby, home or restaurant.

Executive Room - Before/After
Executive Room - Before/After