NovaCrown™ is a feather-light, simple to use paper-laminated polystyrene crown moulding

Easily attached without nails using drywall compound at the drywall stage of construction

Now There is an Alternative expensive, hard-to-install gypsum or wood mouldings that is economical enough to apply throughout an entire development.

Constructed from a cellular styrene core permanently bonded to a drywall paper wrap, NovaCrown™ Mouldings are crisply-detailed, consistently profiled, fast and easy to install - and very inexpensive.

Feather-light NovaCrown™ mouldings are designed to be handled, cut and installed by one person. Nailing is not required, so they are easily applied to any substrate, even directly to concrete walls - without the need to locate studs.

NovaCrown™ is compatible with all wall and ceiling treatments and finishes including paint, textures, wall coverings and paneling.

  • always less expensive than wood and MDF because it is installed at the drywall stage by drywaller/taper
  • attaches simply with drywall compound
  • paints beautifully
  • precision profiled for virtually undetectable joints providing a beautiul, high quality result that looks better than the equivalent wood or MDF installation
  • never warps or cracks so there are no call-backs
  • nail-free installation means no nail holes to fill
  • no need to finish ceiling angles
  • extremely lightweight yet strong for easy handling
  • cuts cleanly without dust with simple hand tools
  • easily adaptable to poor framing, just cut out portions of the back-side with a utility knife
  • excellent flame spread & smoke development rating

The smart & innovative choice in crown moulding

Proven to install twice as fast as MDF and wood mouldings - with better results! Cut your labour costs by more than 50% with NovaCrown - a one-of-a-kind, fast and easy to use, paintable, high quality drywall paper-laminated, styrene core crown moulding

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* Note that the former Synkoloid Company of Canada earlier held the rights to NovaCrown™ and under took the fire testing.


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Standard Drop Ceiling Grid Installation • Available in standard and custom panel sizes, including edge panels • Affordable, lightweight, and attractive

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